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/ðɪs ɪz lɔːr/

This is Lore

Lore is a creative studio of artists and writers from classical and non-traditional narrative backgrounds. Together, we pursue the art of storytelling and lend our craft to brands that want to impact culture.

/fʌk ˈ stɔriˌtɛlɪŋ/

F*ck Storytelling

At least, the tired, cliché, buzzword version of it. Inspired by the traditional telling of fireside stories, Lore is committed to writing beginnings, middles and endings that make people stop, and really feel something again.

/ɪts nɑt əˈstɔri tɪl ɪts ʃɛrd/

It’s Not Lore til it’s Shared

Lore is the exchange of stories, myths, and legends through word of mouth. These stories are universal and easy to share. We evaluate creativity by asking ourselves why people would share an idea, or a story. Nothing leaves the studio until we answer that question.

/ˈfiːdɪŋ ðə fleɪmz/

Feeding the Flames

The day humans captured fire, it captured us. Like moths to flames and mcees to mics, we’ve pursued fire for warmth, food, and as a meeting place to tell stories ever since.
We do the same for brands by torching the most flammable parts of culture, to help them tell theirs.

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