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MUTO came to us with a special challenge- create a powerful brand from scratch and then introduce the world’s first adaptable Multi-Purpose e-bike into the crowded Dutch market. MUTO had a great product but lacked an emotional positioning and an articulation of why they get out of bed in the morning. Brand Articulations worked with the MUTO team to create a powerful positioning, tone of voice and brand foundation. Once the brand foundation was created, Studio LORE took over to create a stunning visual language, The MUTO Hexagon, that celebrates their unique and interchangeable Click & Go rack system.

Chap. 01
Visual language

A visual celebration of MUTO’s functional adaptability.

The most unique aspect of a MUTO bike is the ease in which you can adapt the different carriers on it. Unlike other e-bikes, which require quite some work to add or switch carriers, MUTO’s patented Click & Roll system allows you to change the bikes carrier configuration in a matter of seconds, without any tools. We wanted to create a visual language that celebrated the fact that even though you buy one e-bike, you actually get the possibility of many different bikes.