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Launch the new Nike Free in a way that inspires consumers to push the boundaries of nike +, as well as the boundaries of traditional footwear launches STUDIO LORE worked directly with Nike to create a pan European launch for the new Nike Free running shoe available exclusively at Footlocker. The brief called for us to engage consumers with a footwear launch that pushed the boundaries of this GPS enabled performance footwear, as well as the boundaries of normal footwear launches.

Together with Nike Brand Design EMEA, we created PLAY OR BE PLAYED, a 360 degree pan-European APP-based gaming platform. The integrated campaign leveraged television, a digital online hub with European leader board, an activation with actual games orchestrated in all main European cities, and a strong retail window presence. Once you downloaded the APP you could compete by racing across town to various GPS locations, ending up at the Footlocker store where you had to find the Striper and get a code from him. The fastest time of the day was the winner. Winners won various Nike Free products.