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Recode Running

adidas asked us to reset running as a sport, and tell runners everywhere about the best shoe they’ve ever created. Working at the coalface of running, STUDIO LORE® developed an integrated global brand & product campaign, steeped in the culture of running’s creative spirit.

Chap. 01
Running Recoded

We pored over hundreds of running stories to find crews that are recoding running into much more than a sport, but a creative vehicle for cultural and social change. Spearheaded by a global TVC that tells the bigger story of a sport undergoing rapid transformation, the campaign is flanked by a series of short films that celebrate some of the runners leading the renaissance.

Chap. 02
ReThought. ReCoded. ReBoosted.

Running is being recoded, and so is the way adidas is designing running shoes. At the heart of the UltraBOOST 19's creation was a newly rethought design process. We kicked down the door to the design studio, and let runners in on the process, showing just how much thinking went into creating the most responsive running shoe in the world (well, for now).